Winamp for Your Android Device — AOL WAFA Media Player


Every each of you know this application. It was a popular music media player on PC and laptop, among others Winamp of Nullsoft, Inc is the best with an easy and intuitive interface that knows the need of musics. I, myself still use this application. Based on this, Now AOL is representing it in mobile version, WAFA, on your Android device to create more engaging and helpful contents musics experience like on your computer.

The free WAFA has been in a beta testing phase since October 21, badly I missed that one. So I don’t have any experiences on it. But I guess it’s not far from the desktop version. More you can synchronize the WAFA with your Winamp desktop via WiFi or USB and import musics and playlist from iTunes. As now it’s not in Beta version anymore, I don’t know how much the AOL will charge you for this application. [Dandy Gadget Source]

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