2012 Think Tank Photo Camera Bags, November Rain!

Don’t think about November Rain of Gun’s N Roses, It’s about 2012 Think Tank Photo’s camera bags. In this November, the company will rain November with their three new photographer bags: Retrospective 40, Retrospective 50, and Glass Limo.

The Retrospective Series 40 and 50 Shoulder Bags
These new bags are created for photographers who love to bring their laptop or tablet along the way on their shoulder. Both models are coming with special designed compartment for 13-inch laptop on the Retrospective 40, and 15.4-inch laptop on the Retrospective 50. With retro appearance, not too fashionable looking, with large space of main pocket that suit pro size DSLR camera with a 70-200 f/2.8 zoom lens attached, the bags can blend the luxurious of your laptop and cameras from outsider perfectly. the bags suit you who want to keep a low profile, not to think higher on fashion in traveling with your cameras.

Despite on its not fashionable looking, they offer two carrying option, using shoulder strap or removable carrying handle. There is also back pocket for magazine or other things depend of the size of bag. As Retrospective series, the bags equip an organizer pocket inside the main compartment. Not fashionable bags, but surely it gives you more functionality in keeping your laptop and DSLR cameras while on the go.

The Glass Limo Backpack
The Glass Limo, like in Limousine, this backpack is coming with long main compartment, specially created to accommodate large lenses, big glasses, up to a 600mm f/4 lens without body attached. Despite of it can carry a big glasses, the size complies with airline carry-on requirement. It mean you enable to carry this bag to your seat.

For keeping safe your big lenses, the Glass Limo features a special designed collar, and special designed zippers to hold the position of lens as well as reducing the possibility of accidental opening of the main compartment. Thanks to seam-sealed rain cover, the rain is no longer a problem.

Furthermore, you could attach a tripod or monopod on either side with included straps, expand the capacity up to three modular pouches, bring water bottle on each side, and utilize the front organizer pocket to put anything important.

The release date and pricing
Like I said at title: November Rain, Think Tank Photo is planned to release all models: Retrospective 40 shoulder bag, Retrospective 50 shoulder bag, and Glass Limo backpack in November 2012. The new Retrospective series will come in three models: Black nylon, Pinestone and Slate Blue cotton canvas with price tag: $239.75 (Retrospective 50) and $210.75 (Retrospective 40). Meanwhile, the Glass Limo goes on sale on MSRP $195.75. See all new Think Tank Photo’s camera bags at PhotoPlus Expo 2012.