Amosu Creates a Luxury Swarovski Diamond Earphones For Your Apple Things

Listening your music with this new Amosu Luxury earphones, it sounds great? Nope, the quality of sound doesn’t depend on whether using diamond or not. But it will tell her or anybody near you that your car which parking outside is around Jaguar XK or BMW X3, right?

Anyway, there is no technical specs of the Amosu Apple Swarovski Diamond earphones. But the Amosu assures that the gadget is having 200 pieces of Swarovski Diamond crystals on its head. And the head itself is made of pure silver. As note, it’s compatible only with Apple things: iPod, iPad, iPhone. (used with non-Apple gadgets on your own risk)

There is no free cost to level up your lifestyle. The Amosu Apple Swarovski Diamond Crystal earphones costs you £499. Don’t use it on cheap gadgets, it will lower its luxurious.[Dandy Gadget Source]