Amosu Diamond Blackberry Q10, the most expensive Blackberry ever!

The Qwerty keyboard smartphone might no longer be a trend. Blackberry also might not be a smartphone brand that is looked by most people anymore, and it’s now, perhaps the era of touch phone or Android things. However, I’m so sure couple of you are the BB-holics, who rather die than moving to another phones. If you are belong to that category, this exclusive version of Blackberry Q10 from Alexander Amosu, Diamond Blackberry Q10, can up your prestige among other phone users.

It comes with 18ct white gold and 700 VVS1 diamonds on its body. The BB Q10 looks so amusing. It reveals the luxurious and sexiness of the phone. It’s just like what we have expected from Amosu, the well-known luxury mobile phone company. But, don’t be glad soon, the company also said it’s the most expensive Blackberry ever has made and it’s also limited in quantity. So, you need to take a good peek to your pocket first. It’s a wise advice.

Amosu-diamond-blackberry-q10-sideThe release date and pricing
So, how much is the price of this Amosu Diamond Blackberry Q10? It only has GBP 20,000 price tag. And it’s only available in 25 pieces. Have you peek your pocket?