Apple iPad 2 [CES 2011] — The Story Continues

Are you still assuming the upcoming iPad, iPad 2 will have more compact size than its predecessor? Well, now you must take your words if you say yes. Another information from, one of company of Alibaba member introduced and promoted a blanket for Apple iPad 2, you can see the image, the blanket is in pink color.

I don’t want to talk deeply about this blanket, but more to what the blanket is showing us about iPad 2. According to the picture, the dimensions of the second generation Apple iPad do not differ on the size of the first. This means that it will be equipped with the same 9.7-inch display. More, it’s also containing dual cameras, a 5MP camera on the back, and a forward-facing camera on front which supports video telephony and a bigger speaker that located in corner left bottom with grid cover.

According to the unconfirmed information, the next-generation of Apple iPad (or you probably want to say iPad 2) is expected to hit US market in early of next year or around two months after its announcement at CES 2011 for pre-order.