Apple New iPod, iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Soon at CES 2011

Rumor are flying around out there. Some sites say Apple will launch the upgrade version of its iPhone 4, due its lack in antenna, some others say it’s not an upgrade version it’s a new one with code name iPhone 5. Oh, one more thing, still in rumor, Apple also will release a new iPad, and iPod.

Do you believe it? For me, I do. According to information that I received, the Apple will introduce them in CES 2011. But not iPad Mini like most of sites said. The new iPad will still in its size. It’s more logical to me as Steve Job said the smaller size tablet PC will sink after time. Of course, the improved features or components is included to the new iPad such as maybe dual cameras. If it’s true, which do you prefer to call the new iPad, iPad 2 or iPad Revolution? I guess, the new iPad will have code name: iPad 4 as it uses 4G network.

How is about the new Apple iPhone? the device surely will contain the solution of negative issues in its predecessor. Likewise, it’ll feature an improved antenna, an improved battery life, 4G network, and flash support (maybe).

Don’t believe all you hear. Because it’s still a rumor. It could be just a hoax or it could be true. Who know? Just wait until CES 2011, the information will leak more clear.