BendyBuds In-Ear Headphones, Release Your Creativity!

It’s an interesting headphones. By packing the wire using flexible hands, the BendyBuds in-ear headphones can be customized into vary kinds of shape. So, therefore you can release your creativity on it to create an unique in-ear headphones according to your preferred style. As examples, you can bend this headphones to your sunglasses or loop over your ears.

Of course, the flexible hands causes you a little hard work to maintain the similarity of the left and right pair of this headphones. If spending a little time is not a problem at all for you, the BendyBuds is a perfect headphones to accommodate your style.

The release date and pricing
In fact, the BendyBuds is still in the project and doing campaign at Vovacation site. You just need to funding the campaign at $20 to receive a BendyBuds standard model and $40 for a BendyBuds primo model. Whether this headphones will be on the production line or not is depending on your participation in raising the fund on this campaign. Is $10,000 possible for just 15 days left, Conley Giles?