Cobra PhoneLynx Android Bluetooth Communicator

Powered, paired with your phone home or office system, connect the Cobra PhoneLynx to your Android cell phone through Bluetooth interface and Boommmm!! You can make and receive cell phone call from your home or office phone.

The Cobra PhoneLynx is featuring an active noice-cancelling technology, ClearCall. Hence, the receiving or calling voice will be in perfectly clear. So you don’t need to say “can you hear me now?”

Displayed at CES 2011 and CTIA 2011 by COBR, Cobra PhoneLynx for android will be available in May 2011 in $59.95. The gadget is dressed in elegant sleek black design with 8.7(H)x7.00(W)x2.17(L)inch dimension. [Dandy Gadget Source]