Convert Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Toy! 2012 Bandai SmartPet Robot

Are you looking for a toy for your kid? Well, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch in your room, you don’t need to be panic. The latest Bandai SmartPet robot, SMP-501W (white) and SMP-502BK (black), can convert your iPhone or iPod touch into a cute toy, dog robot.

It doesn’t require a complex setting. You just need to download the SmartPet free-apps from the Apple store and place your iPhone or iPod Touch to become a face of this cute robot. The app contains more than 100 faces. If your kid does not like all of them, perhaps you could add your own face or other faces (not sure).

This robot can do many cute actions by reading your gesture/hand movement through the front camera of your iPhone/iPod Touch  as well as listening your voice command through its microphone. More, the robot can utilize the Bluetooth feature to communicate with other robot and perform duet to sing and dance. Surely, this robot could cheer your kid.

According to the site, Bandai SmartPet SMP-501W and SMP-502BK are going to hit Japanese market in late of April 2012 for MSRP 7,800 yen or around $95. Meanwhile, the SmartPet app will be available at Apple store in the end of this month. Does your kid love an electronic pet? Which one is your kid’s favorite color, white or black?