DOK-ING XD4 Electric City Car [LAAS 2011]

DOK-ING, Croatian manufacturer, proudly will debuts its electric city car, XD4, to American at LA Auto Show 2011, November 18-27, 2011.  Carrying a motto “Driving First Class”, the company has tried its best to make this new car to be able for giving you a top-grade driving experience.

The first what company done is the company brings four electric motors symmetrically arrayed well in front and rear section with the LiFePo4 battery in the middle of aluminum chassis with crashworthiness design in 20,000 Nm/deg torsion stiffness. Technically, this new electric car has a low center of gravity and ideal ratio of mass that indirectly make the car easier to be controlled in fast mode as well as giving you safety and stability in top-grade level.

In addition, through those four electric motors, this new city car performs 180kW/240PS, 720Nm torque, and 4500 RPM. It also boasts excellent acceleration, 3.5s for 0-80, and 4.2s for 0-100km. DOK-ING said, it’s a sports city car. By looking into its 140 km/h max speed, no doubt at all, it’s a sports electric city car.

Like always city car, DOK-ING XD4 is coming in a compact size, 1.8(W) x 1.6(H) x 2.85(L)m with 1300kg mass. It seems it will be in production line soon, 2013? I don’t need to mention about zero emission and premium interior, right? Did you see this city car at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011? [Dandy Gadget Source]