Explore New Words For Fun! Faux-Cabulary Expansion 1 and 2 Party Game

Having a long boring night is not what you want, right? Calling your friends to your home and having chit-chat with them could be a solution to ease your boring, more if you could create something fun in middle of the conversation, like playing this party game, Faux-Cabulary.

Out of the Box is very cleaver for turning your boring night to be a crazy fun party moment through this game. Of course, as it is for fun, the way of play is so simple and you do not have to be a smart person to win the game. You just need to create a word from the three cubes to match the definition word from card tray. Each cube contains 6-component words that placed on its side. The best word is chosen by the Wordmeister. The winner will get a point.

According to the rule, you need to get 3 point in 7-player game and the role of Wordmeister passes to the left/right player after the best world is chosen. However, if one of your friends just want to be Wordmeister, and don’t want to play game, the fix-Wordmeister is a good way to play as well as you could change the point to win the game for creating longer fun game. For creating a fair-fun game, you must ask the Wordmeister to close her eyes and mixes the cube covers before she chooses the best word.

It is a good party game, right? Luckily, the company will make your game funnier by launch the expansion 1 and 2, adding 12 brand new cubes and 120 new definitions. With those new expansion sets, the Faux-Cabulary will have more than 9 million word combinations.

Out of the Box Faux-Cabulary game is available now in MSRP $24.99. Meanwhile, the new expansion sets is going to hit your game in $15.99/each in April 2012. Are you ready to explore the new words? See the game at AITF 2012! [Dandy Gadget Source]