Franck Muller Totally Switzerland White Gold Wristwatch: Are You Crazy Enough, girl?

No more perfect than red color in describing something that out of mind such as: crazy, right? Franck Muller is challenging you, girl, how much crazy you are to dare to wear this unique timepiece, Totally Switzerland, the Crazy Hours Special Edition for ONLY WATCH 2011. Are you crazy enough, girl?

It’s like other regular watch; its hour hand jumps to where the time is. The question is where the next hour index is. That is what the crazy about on this unique timepiece, the hours index is arranged randomly in big fat Arabian numbers.  I’m sure you will have a little problem in reading your time in the first day of using this wristwatch.  A little headache could be occur as the shock effect, when this happen, Franck Muller have sent you a clear message on the center of the Totally Switzerland dial; white cross, see the nearest hospital (just kidding).

Regarding to its specs, Franck Muller Totally Switzerland wristwatch is coming with 18k white gold body, 18k white gold buckles, sapphire crystal, and powered by 23 jewels bi-color rhodium-plated Cal. 2800 HF movement with shock absorber.  Thanks to its red strap, ladies, you are on the way of your high fashion style.

Fashioned in 59.2 x 352 mm dimension, the Crazy Hours 18k white gold special edition watch is expected to be auctioned in September 23 2011 – ONLY WATCH 2011 in Euro 20k – 40k wish price. It’s ladies watch, are you crazy lady? [Dandy Gadget Source]