G-Technology G-Connect Wi-Fi Mobile Storage, Fat but You Will Love it!

Apple iPad and iPhone are still the princes of mobile devices even much of other similar devices walking around at the right now market. For you who doesn’t want to change your heart from Apple brand, G-Technology offers a suit solution to ease your iPhone or iPad insufficient storage problem (assuming the 64GB is not enough for your need), G-Connect.

G-Connect is coming with a very large storage capacity, 500GB. The gadget enables to make a chat with up to 5 devices and streams up to 5 SD video at once through Wi-Fi network. More, its USB 2.0 interface give you a fast way to sync the device to your PC or Mac for sharing the files. Include also with iPad/iPhone apps, surely the process will be funner, right?

Unlike Kingston Wi-Drive, the G-Connect is having a fat design, 135.3mm x 24.4mm x 87mm dimension and 275g mass. The device is available now for pre-order on G-Tech site and expected to hit US market in July 2011 for $199.99. I love its white color! Did I mention password and private folder?[Dandy Gadget Source]