Gordon Murray Design TeeWave AR.1 Electric Sports car, Lighter than Tesla!

Beautiful, sporty design! Pretty sure, this one could syncs with your fashion. Don’t ever ask how well this 2-seat rear-wheel-drive electric sports car serves you on the road. TeeWave AR.1, the code name of this new car, is designed by Gordon Murray, one who get involved in McLaren F1 design. He knows to give touches on the car for excellent ride and handling. So, you don’t have to be worried about it, right?

Collaboration with Toray, the EV uses the Toray carbon fiber component system with aluminum alloy sub frames. The result, it has only 850kg weight including the battery. It, according to Gordon Murray Design, is 400kg lighter than Tesla.

However, the electric power train is not from Golden Murray Design or Toray. It brings one of the power train of commercial electric vehicles currently available (which one?) with modification on its electrical architecture and control units. The modification power train boasts 47kw output, 180 Nm torque, 4.4 seconds of 0-50 Kph, 11.4 seconds of 0-100 Kph, and 147 top speed. Plus, the car only needs 6 hours for recharge the battery to full condition.

Unfortunately, this lovely electric sports car is only a prototype. Gordon Murray Design or Toray didn’t leak the information the availability and the price of their TEEWAVE AR.1. Next year, hopefully, they are going to make the car to touch the ground for real. [Dandy Gadget Source]