Hackers Use MacBooks to Cook Your Life

A good hacker can pretty much slaughter everything you hold dear in life. Your money, photos, future, portfolio, credit, and now, ladies and gentlemen, hackers have found a trick that could very well end up roasting your life to a crisp.

Exploding Batteries!
If you own certain MacBooks, you could be a target for some soulless parasites idea of a good time. Being that Mac’s are known for being harder to penetrate than others, hackers have taken even more involved interest in breaching their codes. When they finally discovered a tiny monitor ship in the battery that can be exploited. They can reverse engineer the software by using a default password, which can be used to inject malware into the system that can’t be restored by (as it’s in the battery), or if they’re particularly sociopathic, the hacker could just overheat the battery, even causing it to burst into flames while sitting on your lap, effectively scarring you literally and figuratively for the rest of your life

Charlie Miller, a well known hacker discovered this glitch, and warns that, if people have the ability to get into a computer and steal information, they will. This includes complete control over the battery’s every command, from not working at all to being completely cooked.

MacBooks | Potential Threat Protection
For the sake of your life and the security of your future, try taking some extra steps to keep everything safe. If you haven’t already updated old MacBook batteries, now is the time. Companies like LifeLock;, that proactively monitor every potential hack or threat to your identity can also prove to be worth their weight in digital gold (assuming digital gold exists).

It becomes easy to lose a little faith in humanity when we hear tales of hackers cooking laptops to shame just for the heck of it. We’ll probably never live a world where these parasite people don’t exist, but we can do our best to foil their wretched battery-burning, identity-stealing dreams.

Mac Owners | Don’t Run Out For That Steel Protectors Just Yet!
Despite the fact that victims of the battery hacks would end up having to purchase costly new batteries and losing much precious data, the problem can be fixed. By simply changing the password on the chip in new MacBook batteries, Apple has fixed the problem for future MacBook owners, but the chink in the armor has already been discovered.

While having one’s most sensitive region charred to the point of being unusable- does sound quite bad, the negative effects of hackers can destroy just about every facet of your life if they catch a hold of just one thread of your online identity. All the safety password precautions in the world can’t stop someone from getting at and displaying your personal information.