How to Use Temperature Controls on Your Vape

If you are using a regular vape device, the temperature should be expected to rise as the battery powers the coils. This means that starting with a low hit and getting a higher one as the coils get hotter. It would also mean getting a poor hit when the batteries are low. However, temperature control (TC) in vape mods has changed all of this. This sophisticated technology that started in 2014 allows vapers to enjoy a smooth and consistent hit since the temperature remains constant from the begging to the end. So, if you have just bought your fist TC vaping device today, how will you go about using it?

Setting the Device Up

As a beginner, the greatest concern would be to set up everything on the vape mod that you have just bought. But if you have vaped with or without a TC device before, you already know that the setup will be very easy. The first step is to read the instructions from the manufacturer. One thing to note is that the settings will differ depending on the model.

However, some manufacturers will tell the users not to worry since the TC works automatically. If you have checked out some of the best vaping devices from ePuffer, you will note that they have the optimum TC adjustment that is automatic. For curious people, the concept works through heating sheets that change their resistance as needed to maintain a set temperature.

Types of TC Settings

Some devices come with buttons that are used to set the preferred temperature that will then be displayed on a screen. But the more sophisticated ones have touch screens that allow users to regulate the temperatures. Although there are always the recommended temperatures, people can customize their own if they are using these devices. In the case of sophisticated TC vape mods, a user can store preferred temperatures to make their overall use very easy.

Benefits of Using TC Vaping Devices

Such advancements in the vaping world have many benefits to both the users and manufacturers. For now, our interest is on what the users get. The first thing they will get is a constant temperature throughout their vaping session. This is a real boost to the experience, especially when compared to what they would get without the feature.

TC also increases the value for your money when buying the device. So, as a person spends money to buy their vaping device on a reputable website, they will get more value for the money spent now that they will enjoy TC, which gives an all-new experience.

Nicotine control is another benefit to enjoy. This comes in handy for people who are trying to quit the smoking habit through nicotine reduction. TC vaping devices allow better regulation of the component, thus allowing the users to achieve their goals.


This advanced technology has so far changed the vaping experiences of many people today. If you try a TC vaping device today, there is no turning back. But the most important thing to know is how to regulate the temperature to get the best experience. Now that you know how to use the temperature control, it is time to start using it.

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