Is the iPhone 4s Worth the Money?

Many consumers stood in long lines to get their hands on the highly anticipated iPhone 4s as soon as it was released. Others, however, opted to hang onto their current smart phone or cell phone and await consumer reviews about the iPhone 4s first. With a price tag of about $600, the iPhone 4s is among the most expensive phones on the market today, and it makes sense that you would want to see what real people have to say about the phone before you make the investment yourself. So is the iPhone 4s worth the money?

What It Offers
Siri, the on-board virtual assistant in the iPhone 4s, is among the most anticipated features new to the iPhone with this model. Siri is a voice-controlled assistant that has the ability to read and send text messages with a verbal command, dial phone numbers on command, find driving instructions and nearby venues and more. In addition to Siri, the iPhone 4s features an 8 megapixel, full-color camera with 1080p video capabilities. It also boasts Air Print, iCloud and Retina display features. These features are combined with other features available in the lesser iPhone 4s model. Plus, it is available in both black and white, and can be customized with a wide range of phone covers and cases.

What Critics Say
While many people love to use Siri as a virtual assistance with voice command capabilities, critics say Siri is a bit of a joke. Those who criticize Siri often say she doesn’t provide accurate information, doesn’t always understand what their commands are or doesn’t offer truly helpful information when needed. Much of the perceived value in the new iPhone 4s is placed in the additional value Siri offers, so those who have been disappointed with the user experience offered by Siri do indicate that they believe the phone is overpriced compared to the iPhone 4s.

If You Buy the iPhone 4s
The iPhone 4S offers many of the same phone ringtones and standard sounds for incoming callings, text messages, voicemail alerts and more as previous models of the iPhone offers. With this in mind and given the incredible number of people who currently use an iPhone, it stands to reason that you will come into contact with many people who are using the same ringtones for iPhone that you are using. Phone ringtones allow you to most easily determine if your phone is ringing or if someone else’s phone is ringing. It can be irritating to reach for a ringing phone or look for a text message on your phone and realize that the person next to you was actually the person receiving a call or text message. Whether you purchase the iPhone 4s or decide to purchase the more affordable iPhone 4, you will want to download ringtones and customize the sounds of your phone. You can pay for ringtones, but you may want to check out the free iPhone ringtones available through before you pay for your phone’s sounds.