Misfit Shine, Will You MISs Your FITbit? [CES 2013]

The Shine is fashioned in quarter-sized full metal body of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. By well manufactured, this wireless fitness tracker shines the cuteness of premium accessories – so clean and elegant, yet waterproof. It perfectly matches to be placed at anywhere on your body or become your fashionable accessory such as necklace or wristband or pendant to style the way how to track your fitness daily at anywhere, anytime.

The Shine also offers you a cutest operation. You just need to tap to make this thing starting to show its cute hallo of lights to indicate that the sensors are already working to track your fitness – running, biking, and swimming. Magically, you just need to put it on your smart device to be paired to see your recorded fitness activities – without the need of Bluetooth or wires connection, through Shine app. Perhaps, it uses NFC technology (not sure). More, its battery could support for six months or even more.

Indeed, it’s a great fitness tracker by counting on its appearance and its magic operation. However, the Shine has some lacks on its ability. It only can measure your cycling, running, and swimming, meanwhile other activities will be converted to step. If you want to track your sleep and your burned calories, it’s not a fitness tracker that you are looking for.

Misfit-Shine-fitness-tracker-iphone-dandy-gadget-healtcare-gadgetsThe release date and pricing
Misfit Shine fitness tracker was displayed at CES 2013 and is going to be delivered in March 2013 for only $69 – a Shine, a clamp and a recyclable Misfit wallet, at indiegogo.com. Hey, they need your support now to achieve their dream goal, $800,000. Will you MISs your FITbit when it’s shining for you?