Mobile Phone Deals

With winter approaching, you must be looking to brighten up your darkening days with the wonders of a new mobile phone. If you’re considering upgrading, moving to a new contract, or are a pay and go aficionado, it’s a good time to check out the internet’s best mobile phone deals. Here’s a brief breakdown of what you should look out for in your next deal:

1. Handset
Get the best mobile phone deal by choosing your handset carefully. The Apple iPhone is unsurprisingly the most popular mobile phone to have right now, according to You can find deals for as little as £46 a month for a free mobile phone. Don’t rush into a deal for the iPhone 5 without considering the Samsung Galaxy S3, though – typically, Android equivalents are cheaper than Apple products. You can get a deal for a Samsung Galaxy S3 contract, again with free mobile phone, for as little as £21.50 a month. For a mobile phone that Tech Radar calls the best in the world, it is a deal worth considering.

2. Contracts with phones and SIM-only Contracts
SIM-only monthly contracts provide an alternative to contracts. You can get mobile phone deals paying once a month for a variety of benefits including free minutes, texts and mobile internet. These offer great flexibility, allowing you to customise your contract month-to-month. The downside is that you will have to purchase your mobile phone separately, so the deal will appear much more expensive in the short term. An Apple iPhone 5 costs over £500, a Samsung Galaxy S3 over £300, so you may prefer a longer-term mobile phone deal to spread out the cost.

3. Length of Contract
Standard deals for mobile phones currently range from about 12-24 months with variations around these numbers. Expect to enter a 24-month contract for a high-end mobile phone, such as in a deal for the Apple iPhone. Deals are available for reduced costs earlier in the contract, for instance paying half or none of the monthly fee for periods as long as 13 months. These deals are especially usefully if you do not wish to pay a large initial cost.

4. Extras to consider
Your mobile phone deal should include free minutes, free texts and a data allowance, to get the most out of your phone. Current mobile phone deals also frequently include gifts that you should look out for, for instance Apple iPods, Navman sat-navs, cameras, gaming devices such as the Sony Playstation Vita and even laptops. These extras can make your deal much more valuable when considering your mobile phone. Additional factors you may encounter may make your mobile phone deal seem less attractive, for instance line rental, which can incur a monthly fee in addition to your contract. Make sure you fully understand all the options included in your deal, and the final overall cost as well as the stated monthly cost.