New Four Sharp “Brain” Electronic Dictionary Portable Devices

For Aiding you in translate and learn Japan-English, Sharp has introduced four models in new “Brain” electronic dictionary, PW-A9000, PW-A7000, PW-G5000 and PW-G4000 which are dressed in sleek, and compact design with niche colors and rugged also.

All new electronic dictionaries are powered by 2 AAA batteries that can stand up to 70 hours of continuous use. And Featuring a 5.6 color touch screen with 480×320 resolution, a 300MB built-in memory and added with sound learning, surely will rise up your spirit in learning. If you want to expand the storage, a microSD slot is also available up to 16GB.

All new Sharp electronic dictionary devices are expected to hit Japan market in January 14 2011. The price tags are around $455 (PW-A9000:black, silver, and black), $419 (PW-A7000:white, black, gold, blue and light pink), $455 (PW-G5000:white, black, pink, green and orange), and $419(PW-G4000:white and pink).