New Samsung SENS 9 Series Premium Thin Notebook, Smaller!

I don’t know you are a fan of Samsung or not. But you should have heard about SENS 9 series notebook (or only “9 series”), the new Samsung notebook brand in premium version which showed at CES 2011. To make closer to its audiences, the SENS 9 series comes in new size 11.6-inch.

Like its predecessor, this new Samsung notebook is fashioned in thin, compact design with metal brushed finish. Due to its smaller size, the laptop is having around 0.55 lbs lighter than the 13.3-inch model, 2.33lbs. It’s easier to hand the gadget and could bring the tablet PC users who still stuck with the lack of the virtue keyboard or Apple MacBook Air users to eye the notebook.

The rest of the specs are still like what the 13.3-inch model has, except for the processor. The laptop uses an Intel Core i3 processor, the lower grade. Meanwhile the battery can keep for up to 6.1 hours.

This new 11.6-inch Samsung SENS 9 series laptop is already available now in Korean market in 1,79 million won ($1,663). At US, sets the price in $1.149.00 (only 64GB SSD and 2GB RAM), available for pre-order. [Dandy Gadget Source]