New Sony ICD-SX712 Digital Voice Recorder

As long as I know the Sony voice recorder is one of the best recorder in market (I am not a Sony boy). Whether you agree with me or not, here is the one most powerful of new voice recorders from Sony, ICD-SX712.

I am happy with the big operation buttons and screen. It will let your finger quickly understand where one of each is, not like ICD-SX750. And doesn’t take time to even think that we had pushed the wrong button, right? The two-way microphone that can enable to be swivelled up to 120 degree pretty sure gives you more ability to find the suit position to subject being recorded.

Inside, Sony ICD-SX712 is Enhanced by a new S Microphone Recording System,2GB memory and a newly-developed Intelligent Noise Cut function. Thus, you get a clear and pure stereo CD quality voices in Linear PCM/MP3 recording format and enough space storage. Need more storage? Well you can extend the space storage via microSD or M2 memory card.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries the gadget supports MP3/WMA/AAC playback. But, I must tell you this, the gadget doesn’t have ability to record AM/FM radio directly.

There are two version of this voice recorder: with/without Dargon NaturallySpeaking 11 software, ICD-SX712 and ICD-SX712D, will be available in April 2011. No information yet about its price. Yes, Sony ICD-SX712D is more expensive than ICD-SX712 ( I think I don’t need to tell  you about it). [Dandy Gadget Source]