Philip Shaver – RQ1095

This Dandy Gadget : Remember the three Charlie’s Angel, they work for Charlie, but this gadget works for you. Three of shaving units of Philips RQ1095 shaver which each of them have three independently flexing head act masterly swivels with full range of motion follows every curve of your skin, even the most problematic neck hair to keep your style on.

Talking about movie, this gadget RQ1095 look like one of the Bond tools, Very elegant looking, and ofcourse without a bomb button or a tiny camera recorded. But sure, it is fast, and has better result than the others. Why? because it does professionally right below your skin. And perfectly contouring and trimming your mustache and sideburns.

More easier for you to maintained this gadget. Because it is washable shaver. The price is set at  $169.99.