ProForm Tour de France Indoor Cycle, Near Real Training Bike Simulator!

Dreaming to be a pro tour de France biker? You need more than spirit to achieve it. The right exercise should be done to measure and high up your ability. ProForm offers you a new training bike, Tour de France indoor cycle.

ProForm Tour de France bike is designed to close to the real action. It’s coming with Google Maps iFit Live Technology console and the ability of decline and incline feature up to 20% from normal position. So, you will get experience that you are in real situation of climbing or downing the mountain track.

Plus, the console also features lot of indicator measurements such speed, time, rpm, gear, distance and more. ProForm training bike serves you also with 10 pre-dawn Google Maps course of the 2011 Tour de France. Thus, it will give you a preview statistic for what you can do before the race. As it’s having 24 gears digital control, it makes also suit for any ages to do some little exercises at home for just keeping body healthy.

ProForm Tour de France indoor cycle is available now for pre-order in $1299. Keep this in mind; you will never get a serious injury by using a training simulator, right? Like video campaign said Quitting is not an option. [Dandy Gadget Source]