Roger Dubuis King Square Hearts Tourbillon Valentine Limited Edition Watch

The Valentine’s day is near to come. Most of you want to give a special gift for your dear. Well, there are so much options out there. You can choose Amosu Diamond Pink BlackBerry smartphone or others. But if your dear always come late in your every date. Give her a watch! Roger Dubuis shows you a way for your Valentine: King Square Hearts tourbillon Valentine Limited Edition (LE) Watch.

Covered by diamonds on all over the 18k white gold case event on its crown and pink heart-shapes among the skeletonized movement nicey decoration, pretty sure that the Roger Dubuis want to tell you that this one is representing the beauty of your girl in a special of Valentine moment. More, the red sapphire of the hour indicator and red satin of the strap are displaying the girl’s strong will of commitment.

As I said at title, the watch is limeted edition watch and will be only available in 28 pieces. There is no information about its pricing yet. Did I mention 36mm wide square case?  Don’t come late again, my dear! [Dandy Gadget Source]