Samsung PL10 La Fleur Camera Just For Lady

This Dandy Gadget: Samsung Rusia unveiled a Lady taste in its PL digital camera series, Samsung PL10 La Fleur. As for ladies, PL10 La Fleur is designed in brightly eyes catching colors, combined with some decoration of artistic art, once again because it’s for ladies.

Not only the beauty, the PL10 La Fleur digital camera also contains Smart Face Recognition for identifies the object and remember them. The more your face capture by the lens the more focus the lens to shot you… funny. Because it’s for ladies, the company also provided an easy database management, so you will more easy and quick to search and manage your photos. And the effect, you still have time to see your face at mirror… always looks pretty all the time.

In addition, this sexy camera features a 2.7-inch LCD QVGA TFT display, 9.0 megapixels camera with 3x optical zoom, and Samsung lens. Others technologies that also included in this gadget are digital image stabilizer, selft portrait / beauty shot/ blink detection, supports PMP (Personal Media Player) function with integrated MP3-player and many more.

Samsung PL10 La Fleur camera is going to come in this month with five color options: silver, black, red, pink and purple color at 6490 rubles ($181.5). But, it seem that this gadget will hit only in Rusia or Europe. So, if you feel you are lady, just come to Rusia… [Dandy Gadget Source]