Style your music, Scotty Bz designer headphones and earbuds!

Talking about enjoying music, mainly it’s about a taste whether rock, pop, jazz, dangdut, or other kind of music around the world that you like most, it’s about taste. Each person has their own judgement which kind of music that fit his mood most, so with how we enjoy it. For you who like to get pleasure from music in classic way, the Wish Factory will release new classic-techy headphones and earbuds, Scotty Bz designer.

Despite of a fact that these gadgets have an affordable price, the Scotty Bz designer headphones and earbuds are so cool, and it syncs with the current fashion trend. The spiral phone cord wires, sneaker shoelaces and zippers shape with vary fun color options strengthen the nuance of the meeting of the Retro-unique style and the techy thing at the corner of this modern day. Short of, these cute gadgets are capable to deliver good sound of your music in fashionable way for all ages, from youngsters to older.

Scotty-Bz-headphones-green-cute-man-modelThe release date and pricing
The Wish Factory was showed the Scotty Bz designer headphones and earbuds at AITF 2013. These gadgets will going to hit market in Spring 2013 for MSRP 24.99 (earbuds) and MSRP $49.99 (headphones). Do you want to look different in style?