Sharp Solar Hybrid SH6230C Smartphone is Coming to China Market

This Dandy Gadget: Following the succeed of its solar smartphone in Japan and other countries, Sharp want to conquer China land.  Soon its Solar Hybrid SH6230C Smartphone will be available in China market in early February. Will Sharp success this time?

In China right now is rain season until next 3 months, it’s a hard way to get sunlight. It’s a huge problem for this kind of solar smartphone, the Energy. we assumed that directly or indirectly it affect  consumer demand. More, with its 5 megapixel autofocus camera will cost you more for the SH6230C. As we know the price is a big deal for Chinese. Sharp, is it wise decision or bad one??

There is no exactly information about price tag of Sharp Hybrid SH6230C, but it will be available in two colors, blue and white with 2.9-inch LCD screen. Sharp should pray that rain season is over quicker than its normal. [Dandy Gadget Source]