SoundCast Melody on-the-go wireless speakers, lets melody your music at anywhere!

The Melody speakers will astonish you right out the box before it plays your music. I bet, you will rarely find appearance of speakers like this at market, right? The can-like looking, and white coloring has give this new wireless speakers stay line on your lifestyle, so sexy and stylish.

Yeap, it’s a little bit big speakers, not so compact, but with only 9 lbs weight and a handle and  water and UV resistant body, you can easily bring the Melody to anywhere you like to melody your favorite music from your mobile devices such handphones or tablet through Bluetooth connectivity or using a built-in AUX input port from any other audio players, at near your pool or beach. More, its top-mounted keypad controls allows you to stream music directly from speaker without to touch your music devices.

Meanwhile for quality of sound, you don’t have to worry at all. It’s a 360 degree omnidirection spekears which is powered by 4 bass radiator and 4 high performance speakers. Those ensure this new speaker can boom-boom your music finely to flow the finest quality sound to your both ears.

Soundcast-melody-bluetooth-speakerThe release date and pricing
According to SoundCast, the Melody wireless speaker will be displayed at CEWeek 2013 and will hit US market soon this month at MSRP USD 499.99. And it’s going to worldwide next month. In box, you will also receive AC adapter, 12-Volt automotive adapter and USB charging cable.