Tabletkiosk Sahara Slate PC i500, Your Office Tablet!

Aiming the professional users, the tabletkiosk offers a new tablet, Sahara Slate PC i500. The slate is powered by an intel Core i7 LV processor and 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Operating Systems.

Unlike other slate on market, the tabletkiosk Sahara Slate PC i500 is coming with hot recharge-swappable batteries. So you have an unlimited time to doing your activities through the slate. Hopefully, I wish I can see this feature on Asus PadFone in its final form (just hoping).

Plus, the slate PC i500 features a 12.1-inch WXGA (1280×800) AFFS LED Backlight LCD, sunlight readable. Coupled with dual mode display and fingerprint reader, it covers all kind of works of yours either you use the touch of your finger or pen, outdoor or indoor.

In addition, the Sahara slate PC i500 brings a 500GB HDD or 40GB SSD, up to 8GB DDR3, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and high definition audio system. Those are more than enough to handle your files and applications.

The strogest model of Sahara Slate PC i500 at market right now, i550D, is expected to be available in August 2011 in MSRP 2,290.00. See the demo at Computex Taipe 2011. [Dandy Gadget Source]