JVC DLA-HD750W D-ILA Home Theater Projector Now in Action

This Dandy Gadget: The latest JVC projector, DLA-HD750W, is going to market releasing in limited ordering, 200 pieces. this new projector boasts contrast ratio of 50000:1 for excellent black level and greys calling.

Additionally, the D-ILA projector features 0.7-inch (16:9) full HD D-ILA device, HDMI ver1.3(Deep Color) compatibility, HQV Reon-VX video processing, user customizable on screen gamma control, high performance 2x motorized zoom lens, flexible set up, handy video adjustment menu, automatic lens cover. It’s pretty that this one will bring your home entertainment system to the next level, right?

Fashioned in elegant design with white and black color finish in 11 kg mass, JVC DLA-HD750W home theather projector is expected to be in your hand for around $8324.99.