Toshiba Regza 19A800 Flat Screen TV

This Dandy Gadget: Toshiba introduced its new flat screen TV, Regusa (Regza) 19A800, which is available in back moon, white, and pink color in Japanese market.

This new Toshiba Regza TV has cheap price, it’s only 70,000 yen with featuring a 19-inch LCD screen, 1366×768 resolution, a dynamic contras ration with 1000:1 up to 10000:1, 160 degree view angle, dual HDMI, and one D4 port.

More, there is a sensor which works to detect the viewing environment, such as various types of video content and the brightness of the room, and automatically adjust for quality. With this feature, you can enjoy high-definition TV at any time without having to manually change the quality setting. In a dark room in order to automatically adjust for brightness and reduce the brightness of the image, you can achieve high energy efficiency.

As, I said before, Toshiba Regza 19A800 LCD TV will be released at Japanese market on March 20, 2009. See ya in Japan… [Dandy Gadget Source]