Canon WP-V1 Transparent Waterproof Case For VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 Camcorders

This Dandy Gadget: Canon USA announced a new camcorder case, WP-V1 waterproof case which is designed for VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 camcorders with waterproof function.

Using the WP-V1 waterproof case makes your VIXIA HF20 and VIXIA HF200 camcorders are ready for go-anywhere. You can shoot video and photos while you are in the rain or underwater up to 130 feet, dandy. Then the question arise, why Canon didn’t make VIXIA in waterproof version so we don’t need to spend or buy it separately. I think it will make the VIXIA camcorders more go-anywhere truly. Do you thinks so?

Canon will release the WP-V1 waterproof case at  price $599 and will be available on market in May 2009. isn’t it too expensive just for a case??? [Dandy Gadget Source]