Volkswagen Original Bluetooth Touch Phone-Kit

This Dandy Gadget: Focused to solve the problem-free and safe telephone accessibility while you are driving your Volkswagen, Volkswagen introduced its latest accessories that compatible with all Volkswagen model except Volkswagen Phaeton in 2.8-inch touchscreen which the control elements are clearly located.

Thanks to the Bluetooth A2DP technology, you can synchronized automatically the directory of your smartphone (music or contact person) via Bluetooth with this new phone-kit to ensured an optimal signal as well as speech transmission in Volkswagen the audio system. But still you need an adaptor cable to adjusted that, the adaptor cable is sold by company separately.

Finally, with Volkswagen Original Bluetooth Touch Phone-Kit, it makes a calling or hear music safely while you are driving, no problem!!!!! The price tag is 179 euros and is available at Europe market. [Dandy Gadget Source]