What’s Special about Samsung Galaxy S4?

Apple and other smartphone manufacturers are rushing back to the design board after Samsung unveiled its upcoming Galaxy S IV during the Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event 2013. This behavior is completely justified since Galaxy S III managed to out-sell iPhone 4S in 2012 due to the prior’s loyalty to its predecessors’ legacy, eye-tracking feature, bundle of apps, and large 4.8-inch display. However, all of that is now in the past; what you should be focusing on is the future, which is when you will be able to purchase your own Galaxy S4. So, read on to find out what to expect.

The specs of Samsung Galaxy S4
Once you get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S IV, the first thing you’re bound to notice is the large screen, which is 5.4 inches tall and 2.7 inches wide. The screen, which is an HD Super AMOLED display, flaunts a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel screen resolution and 441 ppi. As a result, images appear rich and crisp on it. In addition, the screen comes with a very sensitive screen, which makes it easy to use with long nails and even gloves.

On top of the screen are a two megapixel camera and an IR blaster, which is paired with an app to allow you to control any TV set directly from your phone. So, even if your remote is nowhere to be seen, you can easily use your S4 to channel surf. As for the back, you will find the rumored 13 megapixel camera which comes with LED flash and the ability to create 1080p HD videos.

On the inside, Galaxy S IV runs the latest version of Android, 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The phone also includes Samsung’s TouchWiz, which is a great addition for easy software enhancements and access to settings and notifications. Other new apps which make this phone unique include the S Translator tool, ChatOn messenger, file sharing and multi-player app Group Play and calorie counter S Health. Complementing these apps are the S Voice assistant, S Memo app, and new navigation system Galaxy S Voice Drive.

These aside, S IV’s Smart Pause and Smart Scroll are the latest replacements to the optional Smart Stay feature. Smart Pause halts any video when your eyes are off the screen and continue playing it when you’re focusing again. As for Smart Scroll, it allows you to scroll up and down as you tilt the screen. AirView is another smart addition which allows you to use your hovering fingers to perform different tasks, such as previewing images and videos and even navigating around your phone.

Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3
In essence, GS4 is an improved version of GS3. Physically, S4 is larger, leaner and lighter. In addition, its performance is much better since it will support Exynos Octa core 1.6 GHz or Qualcomm 600 quad core 1.9 depending on the version shipped to your country. This is a relative step up from the Exynos Quad core 1.4 GHz and Qualcomm S4 dual core 1.5 GHz. Other improvements include battery life (2,600 mAH rather than 2,100 mAh) and camera specs (8 megapixels for rear camera and 1.9 megapixels for front camera in S III). These aside, there are a few similarities between both phones, such as wireless connectivity via LTE and HSPA+, storage (16, 32 and 64 GB microSD), and 2 GB RAM.

How much Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost
Bound to hit the market by the end of April, 16 GB Galaxy S4 models are expected to be priced around $579 without taxes. This is still lower than Apple’s iPhone 5, which is currently sold at $649 without a SIM. However, despite the fact that a definite price hasn’t been announced, start saving up to that amount because Samsung has always ensured the affordability of its phones by focusing more on software rather than aesthetics. Besides, the price of S IV won’t be too far from its antecedent’s, making this a very likely estimate.

Samsung-GALAXY-S4-white-front-black-rearThe bottom line
Overall, Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone which will pave the road to many and inspire Samsung’s competitors. After all, its combination of hardware and software are suitable for casual and business users. This alone compensates for the phone’s simple appearance and fewer original features. So, if you do get your hands on it, give it a try to see if it’s the phone for you.

About the author: this is an article by D. Blackthorn, a gadget and software testing expert who is looking forward to try the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Dmitri is running iqmango.com – a free software to convert music files for free on a Windows PC.