When Love Just Need to Press a Button! Emporia EmporiaCLICK Flip Smartphone

One thing that always to be a main chapter in human life is love. How expert you can handle to express your love measures the chance you could ease problems in your life. This new Emporia flip Smartphone, EmporiaCLICK, helps you to send your love alert in one push-button through love button or you probably want to call it Call for Care button.

At the time, you need to be cared by your loved one or miss your loved person, just press the love button. This Smartphone will call your loved one up to five stored-number until one of them pickup your call. With easy way and big keypad makes the EmporiaCLICK suits every age, from kid to grandpa.

Unfortunately, there is no detail specs, but, according to Emporia, this new smartphone sports a built-in camera, Bluetooth, high-resolution color display, built-in alarm clock, and calculator. It’s a simple Smartphone, right?

Fashioned in sleek-flip design with a piano lacquer finish and a stainless steel clasp, Emporia EmporiaCLICK Smartphone is going to showed at CES 2012. It, still according to Emporia, will hit US, Canada, and Latin America soon. The pricing and the availability are still cloudy. Will the CES 2012 leak-out its detail? [Dandy Gadget Source]