Will KIA Track’ster be on the Road?

Finally, a new car based on Soul design had been revealed from the dream of the KIA’s California design centre team, Track’Ster. The car seems really awesome in tough-aggressive front-rear face with milk white and inferno orange body as well as 14-inch Brembo discs plated on the front wheels.

As the main point of the Track’ster is to bring the top performance on the road, it comes with the 101.2 inches wheelbase, all-wheel-drive system and powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This car is almost one inch longer wheelbase and produce 66,6 percent more power than the original soul, 250hp.

Furthermore, you will be amused when looking into inside. The perfect combination of milk white, inferno orange and grey gives the premium sense. Interestingly, you will never see any rear seats. They modified the rear seats become equipment and tools room to ease the pain during the difficulties that probably occur in the middle of your adventure.

Tom Kearns, chief designer for KMA, said,”the Track’ser tough looking, like bulldog”. Well, if you never have inferno orange bulldog, KIA Track’ster is could become your true pet. The problem is will this car be on the road. Based on other statements of Tom Kearns, “Whether that dream becomes a reality or not is a separate question”, you just need to wish. At least, we have seen this concept at Chicago Auto Show 2012, right?

Source: KIA