Fujitsu FMV Biblo LOOX P Series B70N Laptop, Laptop to Tablet!

This Dandy Gadget: Fujitsu has launched a new 2009 Spring Model of FMV Biblo LOOX P Series, B70N, which has fingerprint sensor and use of electronic dictionaries.

In addition, this new laptop has convertible stucture that can be easily rotate a 8.9-inch wide screen non-glare LCD to become a tablet. In addition, it features a latest Intel processor, WiFi, a up to 120GB HDD, up to 2GB memory, optical drive, USB port, and powered by Windows Vista Home Edition OS.

Fashioned in sleek design with grey jupiter finish, Fujitsu FMV Biblo LOOX P Series B70N is expected to hit Japanese market in  starting price $2331.99. Tablet or laptop?