2012 Gresso Grand Monaco Collection, the Pure Black Phone!

According to Gresso, the 2012 Grand Monaco collection Smartphone is powered by Symbian S40 OS. I have strong feeling this one, the Pure Black phone, is coming from Nokia family. However, it’s not the matter. Whatsoever, the phone was, it perfectly shows the true beauty and luxurious of a handset.

To personalize the phone, Gresso brings the light titanium alloy for the case with high-tech ceramic layers, 42-carat sapphire crystal, and special steel for the keyboard. Most of the processes are done by the handwork of a skilled craftsman with special tools such as diamond cutting tool. It is not surprised at all, if the outcome has unique and luxurious taste, right?

Fashioned in 116(W) x 46.5(H) x 16(D) mm and 120g with elegant black finish, Gresso Grand Monaco Pure Black phone is going to hit market this month, February 2012, for MSRP $2,700 in only 100 pieces. Which one is your favorite:  Pure Black Cayman with crocodile leather or Pure Black Carbon with Italian carbon leather?