2012 Honda Integra, Your Long Trip Motorcycle!

We don’t need to discuss deeply about its looking, this new Honda Integra surely you agree with me, it has a excellent-unique design which combined the motor sports and the convenient of the scooter type. By carrying a new lightweight liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder 670cm3 engine and 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, those make this new 2012 Integra to become a perfect motorcycle for your long trip.

Unlike scooters, the 2012 Integra brings large-diameter, 17-inch, high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy Y-Cross wheels front and rear, and low 790mm seat high for giving you a great stability and a relaxed, comfortable riding position during your Christmas vacation (not sure it will be on road at that time). Moreover, when you are on your long trip with your girl friend, the 15-liter storage underneath the seat, small storage, and a power pocket, are enough to keep everything of yours.

Back to long trip section, this new motorcycle has a 14.1-liter fuel tank. Coupled with a high-efficient engine, 27.9 km/l, it provides  a 400km range.  It means from California (CA) to Palo Alto, California (CA), you do not even need to stop to refuel the petrol.

2012 Honda Integra motorcycle will be available in four colors: pearl cosmic black, ion blue metallic, candy graceful red, and pearl sunbeam white. There is no official information yet about the availability and the price tag, before Christmas? [Dandy Gadget Source]