2012 Most Worst E-Bike! BOXX Electric Bike

It’s cute scooter, it’s compact electric bike, but this BOXX electric bike is the most worst e-Bike ever on earth – at least for 2012. Some said it’s only a 3D model, just image creation. If it is real, this most worst e-bike is unveiled by the most stupid “not clever” manufacturer.

Why? Did you see the wheel is covered by a faring? Do you thing with that condition, this e-bike is able to turn right or left? Or it purposely is made for straight track. Like, I said the maker is the most stupid “not clever” manufacturer, except this thing can fly, right?

Funny, you can see the US Patent number on the image: No. D644,569. I checked on the net, in fact, that patent is not fake. It’s fake e-bike or not, you tell me! Anyway, this BOXXCorp BOXX electric bike costs you for MSRP $4,000. [Dandy Gadget Source]