2012 Samsung La Fleur Smartphone Collection for Valentine Day

It’s a simple question: what most wanted gift does girl really wish in her valentine day? Sweet flower, even she is an exclusive girl that has several jet planes in her hangar, still, she will be touched by the romance of the flower. More touching when the flower comes beautifully on Smartphone, like these 2012 Samsung La Fleur Smartphone, believe me your girlfriend will smile and say, “You are my only man” (at least in your dream).

For this valentine moment, Samsung had chosen four mobile phones into the 2012 La Fleur Collection, Wave Y, Galaxy Ace, C3322, and C3520. All phones display the beauty of art of the flower and cute color case and are going to hit Russia this month, February 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Ace La Fleur
This is the first Android Smartphone in La Fleur collection. It’s powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread and featuring a 800MHz Qualcomm processor, a 3.5-inch touch screen, a 5MP rear camera and so on, like the original. Coming with milk white case, the grey flower seems perfectly alive to waking up the sexiness and softness of its users.
Samsung Galaxy Ace La Fleur will cost you for MSRP 9,990 rubles or around $332.

Samsung Wave Y La Fleur
Unlike the Galaxy Ace, this Smartphone brings Bada 2.0 OS inside. In the La Fleur collection, the Wave Y prefers to give purple color for the rear and black for the front case.  The combination between purple case, light purple flower and Samsung ChatOn features gives young ladies high enthusiasm to spread her connection through social network on a 3.2-inches touch screen.
Samsung Wave Y La Fleur will hit market in MSRP 5,990 rubles or $199.99 price tag.

Samsung C3322 La Fleur
The Integration of the two Sim-cards technology and La Fleur art with maroon color case makes the phone is the most suitable valentine gift for a pro lady. More, Samsung C3322 La Fleur also brings an affordable price, in MSRP 3990 rubles or $132

Samsung C3520 La Fleur
It’s the most girly phone among 2012 Samsung La Fleur Smartphone, pink case with flip design. With this phone as your valentine gift, both you and your girlfriend will be happy. Why? Because you don’t need to cash-out much money from your bank account. It only costs you for MSRP 3,490 rubles or $116.

Samsung Nexus White in UK along with the rumor of Samsung Galaxy S3 will come up in the next couple of months, and 2012 Samsung  La Fleur Smartphone collection in Russia, it seems Samsung walking in the right road for 2012 Valentine moment, right?

Source: Samsung Russia