2013 Most Unique Hard Drive, Lacie Blade Runner!

Lacie and Philippe Starck have done a good collaboration in making a powerful hard drive. They presented to you a hard drive with human organ-like shape that is caged with aluminium blades. Even though I do have a little information about all of hard drives at market, but I’m so sure you will agree with me that this new Lacie hard drive, the Blade Runner, is the most unique hard drive for 2013.

It’s a result of technology that mixing the human and machine, at least that what Lacie and Starch have said. The unique shape is not for nothing or just for show. The irregular metal interior will smartly distribute the heat to the most coolest point while the blades help quicker the process. Technically, you don’t have to add any cooler devices on it such as a fan, it will always be in never overheat state.

Due to always be in never overheat state, large capacity – 4TB with 10GB cloud service from Wuala and the utilizing of USB 3.0 interface, the Blade Runner ensures the fastest performance in transfer in or out the device, up to 5GB/s, with worry-free about the space.

In addition, this new hard drive features password protection, LaCie Backup Assistant and Eco mode.

LaCie-blade-runner-frontThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in  141(W) x 193(H) x 74(D) with 2 kg, LaCie Blade Runner is available now at market in only 9,999 pieces. The price tag is set at MSRP $299.99. Did you see the demo of this device at CES 2013?