$2.41 Million For Just an iPhone 3G

This Dandy Gadget: Let’s take a break for a second, cause I am having headache in providing you information about CES 2009 gadgets, just kidding.  Well, this is an amazing news that I couldn’t miss it.  $2.41 million for just an iPhone, hah that is a big money, right. It is near close twice more expensive than the last most expensive smartphone from Crypto Telecommunications that has $1.3 million value (sorry, I didn’t post it).

Who is the man behind this dandy gadget? Well, He is Austrian designer-jeweler Peter Aloisson known as the author of a very expensive mobile phones. The global environmental  crisis did not prevent him to engage in their favorite cause.

Remodeling a standard iPhone 3G replaced at the body, consisting of three types of gold: yellow, white and pink. He was decorated with 138 small diamonds, but instead put the Home button large 6.6 carat diamond. As a result of these manipulations iPhone 3G has become known as the Kings Button.[Dandy Gadget Source]