5 Awesome Fitness Tracking Gadgets

There are many different devices on the market that will help you get in shape and stay in shape. However, some devices have blown their competition away and exceeded expectations. When you need a little help getting started or some extra motivation to keep going, any of these gadgets will help you on your way.

The Fitbit
The Fitbit is unique in that it tracks every bit of exercise you do during the day and uploads it to their website. It’s better than a traditional pedometer because it personalizes its expectations of you. That means that if you take smaller steps than someone else, it will know that. You’ll also be able to see how many calories you used throughout the day and even how long it took you to fall asleep. If you’ve ever wondered how may times you wake up during the night  it will tell you.

The MiCoach Pacer
The MiCoach Pacer is made by Adidas and works by measuring how fast and far you’re running, as well as your heart rate. At the same time, it gives appropriate coaching advice and it works with any MP3 available. The good news, however, it doesn’t require an MP3 player to work.

The MOTOACTV is made by Motorola and works with your Android phone. It includes a heart rate tracker, a MP3 player and an entirely wireless connection. It’s also waterproof and has GPS, ensuring you don’t get lost if you find yourself running or working out in a strange place.

The NewYu Connected Fitness Monitor
The NewYu works with an android phone or you can upload your information directly to the internet.

You wear it during the day and it keeps track of everything you do, from  errands to buying groceries to running, and it determines how many calories you have burned. It keeps track of your progress, so you are able to see how far you’ve come and what progress is still needed.

Fitness Watches
Fitness watches are made by many different companies and the cost will vary tremendously. They typically work just like a regular watch does, but also monitor your heart rate and other activities as well. Some of these are sweat or water proof, so if you’re interested in a fitness watch, you’ll probably find one that you like.

There are so many different ways to become healthy that there has to be something for everyone. New products are being developed every day, so if these items are not to your liking, something else surely will. The world is making it easier and more fun to exercise.

About the Author: DC Collin is a huge fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others stay in shape. She enjoys writing about healthcare jobs and her experiences in the field of nursing.