7-inch on Upcoming iPad, Apple iPad 3D at CES 2012?

I was having a little chit-chat with my friend last night. During our late conversation, he mentioned about the 7-inch size on upcoming Apple iPad. Well, I was a little surprised, from where that crazy mind comes from anyway, right? Steve Job said clearly the only tablet that will survive at market is the 10-inch tablet. I know that is not absolutely true, but, that what Apple holds from past until now.

He was making my laugh louder when he told me about 3D screen display and 3D rear camera will be on the upcoming iPad. More, he said this upcoming tablet will have “iPad 3D” name on the back case and will be announced by Apple at CES 2012. I don’t believe this, Do you? However, it is an interesting discourse, so, let’s discuss this deeply!

7-Inch on upcoming iPad
The world of tablet right now is separated by two big blocks, 7-inch and 10-inch tablet. Both have its unique customers. Both receive warm welcome at market in the situation where the manufacturers and customers are still trying to find the most ideal size for tablet.

At the case of 10-inch tablet, Apple is already a king with his iPad and it still, but he is no longer as the only one big player on it. The rising of the phenomenal Android OS makes Apple have to share his cookies along with other players, Samsung with Galaxy Tabs is the real example. It teases Apple badly to the point he must take patent lawsuits to court for keeping his big share. Meanwhile, Apple have not taste even a little the delicious of 7-inch cookies.

Are those reasons enough for Apple to unveil 7-inch tablet? I am not so sure, but it makes sense to me.

iPad 3D with 3D technology
Tablet harvest is no longer an easy track for Apple. A strong movement must be taken to stay on the top longer. Apple needs to combine the iPad with the nowadays technologies. Otherwise, Apple will be getting very busy to find the weaknesses of competitors patents to court to stop their fast movement. Believe me that patent lawsuit does not always generate a big effect at market and not always successful either. 3D technology is the one Apple should eye closer. Most of gadgets are moving into this 3D field, why not with iPad?

Assuming upcoming iPad will bring 3D technology along, it’s not a big surprise at all if the upcoming iPad is going to have “iPad 3D” name. It lines with the current trend of Apple in using number and letter for the name like what he did to new iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, right?

7-inch? iPad 3D? at CES 2012? The time will answer those questions later. What do you think?