A Cute White-Orange Gaming Headphones for CES 2012! Gavio Albatros

Perhaps cute-elegant design is not the most essential on what gaming headphones must have. I agree with that, I knew we should place the sound quality on the first priority. However, it still has valued something on. At least this new cute Gavio white-orange headphone, Albatros, doesn’t make you bored when looking on it.

With 7.1-channel audio decoding chip and soft-cushioned ear pads, the Albatros will lead your ears to the heaven sound of your favorite games through 40mm speaker driver for all night-day gaming. Coupled by 30mm vibration driver, it makes more life your bass as well as gives you senses as you were really inside your computer.

Gavio Albatros gaming headphone is going to showed at CES 2011. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement related to the price tag and its availability. The CES 2011 will leak everything to you. Did I mention a comfortable built-in mic? [Dandy Gadget Source]