A Global Distributions Partner Can Help Get Your Technology Where It Needs To Go

Last month, LinkedIn surpassed 500 million users across 200 countries. When put into context, this is one social networking site that has provided a space for countless professional connections and partnerships to form on a national and international scale. Information sharing by means of articles, videos, and conversations has furthermore paved the direction for business, providing avenues for collaboration and opportunities for professional advancement to career-oriented people around the globe.

In order for a networking provider of this size to expand though, and begin connecting with users in other countries, they require the IT infrastructure put in place in those countries before they can distribute their services. Cross-border transactions however can be complex, especially where dual-use goods, controlled-use goods, and sensitive materials are concerned. It’s very difficult for those re-selling the technology to send it across borders efficiently and compliantly, at least not without assistance.

Controlled commodities are subject to strict assessment at nearly all borders, because they can be used both for civilian as well as military purposes. Most countries also require an Importer of Record (IoR), who is a local taxpaying entity in that country, to sign off on the goods upon arrival. The benefit of working with an IoR is that they are liable, meaning many global distributions partners who can legally act as your IoR will also help prepare the correct paperwork including customs support documentation, freight deliver waybills and the like.

Companies like TecEx.com for example hold a point of presence in over 120 countries and specifically work with these types of not-for-sale transactions. They ensure document accuracy, fast and reliable clearance, and can even procure a value-added tax refund for the reseller post clearance from the countries where such a refund is applicable. Obtaining a quote takes only 30 seconds, customs preapproval is secured in 1-3 days, and full clearance is guaranteed 3-7 days thereafter producing best lead times and satisfied clients overseas.

Their online portal makes tracking shipments simple, letting the re-seller know exactly where they are in the process. Should they desire clarification, they’re also given access to the service executive that monitors their account and transactions. They may use their executive to make requests of the on-the-ground team that liaises with the forwarding service and ensures the shipment reaches its destination without issues once accepted into the receiving country.

With social networking enterprises expanding globally, and constantly requiring updates to the systems that allow them to provide users with strong signals, there is great opportunity for technology re-sellers to expand their client base. While foreign regulations make this equipment difficult to transfer, bringing a global distributions partner on board alleviates major pain points within the importing process. Remove the risk of a major delay due to insufficient documentation, or having to backtrack as a result of securing the wrong permit. Without being an expert in foreign customs law, it is difficult to anticipate what each separate country will need, therefore allow those versed in these laws to do the leg work for you while you focus on growing your business.