A Green-Girly Scooter! Yamaha EC-Miu Concept Triple-Wheeled e-Bike [TMS 2011]

Like most electric vehicle concept, this Yamaha EC-Miu e-bike brings abilities to be connected to your smart devices such Smartphone, tablet or others. You could use this scooter as your mobile hotspot or control it remotely from your Smartphone.  By connecting it to your security apps, you could monitor every movement of your lovely scooter at parking lot from your desk office.

With three wheels, you don’t have to worry from being lose your balance while on driving. It, according to Yamaha, will gives you a convenient driving like when you are driving your car. However, with only 50cc engine that powered by 0.6 kW lithium-ion battery and unique-clean design with windshield, this e-bike tells us clearly that it loves more girl than boy to be on its body. It’s a green-girly scooter, right?

Together with Y125 Moegi, Yamaha EC-Miu triple-wheeled e-bike is dancing now at Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Fortunately, this EC-Miu concept likely will be on the production line. When? 2013? I don’t have any clues on it. [Dandy Gadget Source]