A Pretty Cool Printer Concept by Yang Jae Wook, the Circle Printer!

It is a printer concept by Yang Jae Wook, the Circle Printer. Its stand drum design doesn’t required much wide-space. Yet, it’s designed well to impress you with its look, so aesthetic and modern. At glance it’s not like a printer at all, closer to one of your ornaments. Indeed, it’s a pretty cool printer concept.

The release date and pricing
However, like other concepts, this Circle Printer will struggle to rise onto the earth. Possibility that it is going for real is near to zero. In my opinion, the main problem is the production cost. Judging by looking on images from the source, for making a printer as pretty as this concept, and to maintain the toner head to move constantly up and down, as the paper is printed by circling inside the drum, requires a high endurance of mechanism.